Procter&Gamble stock price

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See how the Donkey Stocks Calculator calculates a Procter&Gamble stock price. The following description shows an example of parameters for the Donkey Stocks App with which you get roughly the stock price for Procter&Gamble.

Quarter autumn 2014

EPS : $1.07 

The EPS value of $1.07 for the quarter autumn 2014 is taken from the news.

EPS Year: $4.28

The Donkey Stocks Calculator takes 4 times the EPS Quarter of $1.07 and gets a EPS Year of $4.28.

Growth: 8.4 %

A growth rate of 8.4 % is choosen for the Procter&Gamble example in order to get the stock price from October 30, 2014. 

Year: 6

For this calculation the assumption is that the growth will keep going on with a rate of 8.4 % for 6 years. Procter&Gamble is a very stable company and so this is a good example of the power of the donkey stocks calculator.

EPS future: $6.94 

The Donkey Stocks App calculates a forecast for the profit of $6.94. 

Reference Interest rate: 4.0 %

For the Reference Interest rate a value of 4.0% is choosen. 

Factor: 12.50

The Donkey Stocks App calculates a Factor of 12.50 for the multiplication of the future profit.

Stock Price: $86.80 

The Donkey Stock Calculator calculates a stock price of $86.80 with the given parameters. 

It assumes that the future profit is the main parameter for a stock price. Other parameters may influence a stock price, but they are not taken into account.

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