Google stock price

iPhone App: Donkey Stocks

See how the Donkey Stocks App calculates a Google stock price.

The following description shows an example of parameters for the Donkey Stocks Calculator with which you get roughly the actual stock price for Google.

EPS Quarter autumn 2014: $4.09 

The EPS value of $4.09 for the quarter autumn 2014 is taken from the news. This is the basis for the cacluation of the google stock price. 

EPS Year: $16.36 

The Donkey Stocks Calculator takes 4 times the EPS Quarter of $4.09  and gets a EPS Year of $16.36.

Growth:17.9 %

A growth rate of 17.9 % is choosen for the Google example: It fits with the stock price of $550 on 30th October 2014. 

Year: 6

For this calculation the assumption is that the growth will keep going with a rate of 17.9 % for 6 years.

EPS future: $43.94 

The Donkey Stocks Calculator calculates a forecast for the profit of $43.94.

Reference interest rate: 4.0%

For this calculation we use a reference interest rate of 4.0%.

Factor: 12.50

The Donkey Stocks App calculates a Factor of 12.50 for Multiplication of the future profit.

Stock Price: $550

The Donkey Stock Calculator calculates a stock price of $550 with the given parameters. 

It assumes that the future profit is the main parameter for a stock price. Other parameters may influence a stock price, but they are not taken into account.

iPhone App: Donkey Stocks