Disclaimer and legal notices

1. Provider, author and responsible for the public distribution

The Website www.donkey-stocks-calculator and the tool donkey-stocks-calculator (hereinafter “donkey-stocks-calculator”) is provided by Donkey Stocks GmbH (hereinafter „Donkey Stocks“).

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Provider and responsible for the public distribution of the donkey-stocks-calculator, content and the therein provided evaluations, estimations, elaborations and information is Donkey Stocks. Author of the donkey-stocks-calculator, content and the therein provided evaluations, estimations, elaborations and information is Dr. Claus Huber, Physicist. Some links within this website may lead to other websites and the presence of such a link does not imply a responsibility for the linked site.

2. No Investment Advice / Functionality

The Website and tool donkey-stocks-calculator (hereinafter “donkey-stocks-calculator”) is for information purposes only. With the donkey-stocks-calculator neither provides individual investment advice nor the recommendation to subscribe for any specific security or to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments. The donkey-stocks-calculator does not provide any information or advice regarding the risk of a specific security. Therefore, the donkey-stocks-calculator is not suitable as sole basis for your investment decision and does not replace any kind of investment advisory services. If you need investment advice please refer to the services of third parties such as your bank or investment advisor before you place an investment. Basis of the output values of the donkey-stocks-calculator or future market trends are assumptions of the respective input values (earnings per share, growth, years and reference interest rate) made by Donkey Stocks or yourself, which can be altered at any time. Only the aforementioned parameters are used by the donkey-stocks-calculator to calculate the future quotation. Other parameters, which may also influence the quotation, are not taken into account. Therefore, by using the donkey-stocks-calculator you are not provided with any information regarding the future quotation, as far as it relies on changing or additional parameters. Evaluations and estimations, like the examples provided with the donkey-stocks-calculator represent the belief of the author at the time of the creation of such evaluation or estimation. Those evaluations may be outdated by actual developments or other causes, without any change to the provided evaluations, estimations, elaborations or information.

3. Notice of potential conflicts of interest

Donkey Stocks holds no stake in other companies and does not trade with securities or other financial instruments neither for its own account nor for the account of a third party However, the representatives or employees of Donkey Stocks may hold stakes or positions of securities or other financial instruments, which may be subject of the stocks calculation in the donkey-stocks-calculator or any evaluation, estimation by using the donkey-stocks-calculator. Neither Donkey Stocks nor its representatives or employees have access to confidential or undisclosed information regarding companies, securities or other financial instruments, which are subject of the stocks calculation or the opinions, evaluations, estimations provided by the use of the donkey-stocks-calculator.

4. Disclaimer

Donkey Stocks shall be liable for slight negligence only to the extent material duties are breached, such duties being of essential importance for the proper use of the donkey-stocks-calculator and on which you can regularly rely on. In all other cases, the liability of Donkey Stocks for slight negligence is excluded. Donkey Stocks shall be fully liable for damages resulting from a breach of a warranty or from harm to life, physical injury, or harm to health. The same shall apply in case of intent or gross negligence. Statutory product liability shall remain unaffected. Any preclusion or limitation of Donkey Stocks liability shall also apply for the personal liability of Donkey Stocks employees, staff members, representatives, and auxiliary persons. Donkey Stocks does not warrant the accuracy, actuality and integrity of the results or any future market trends. Even in the event, that the donkey-stocks-calculator provided accurate quotation, there is no warranty regarding the accuracy of future quotation. The donkey-stocks-calculator provides you with additional help for your investment decision. Previous to your use of the donkey-stocks-calculator, you are required to study the examples provided within the donkey-stocks-calculator.

5. Final provisions

The donkey-stocks-calculator and these terms of use are governed by German Law. Place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart, Germany. Donkey Stocks reserves the right to modify, amend or delete the information provided with the donkey-stocks-calculator, including these legal notices, or to interrupt the distribution of the donkey-stocks-calculator temporarily or permanently at any time without giving reasons. You are required to check the provided information including these legal notices for changes on regularly basis. If any provision of these terms of use is, for any reason, invalid and/or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law. The provision no longer applicable shall be replaced by another provision which comes as close as possible to the economic purpose of the invalid provision. This shall apply accordingly in case this terms of use contains a regulatory gap.